Because We Care is the only mobile and in store mastectomy service in Canada. The Company was founded in 2003 by Taryn Durkin Bell, A Certified Mastectomy Fitter.  The story of Because We Care began when Taryn’s very good friend, at the age of 26, began battling breast cancer for the third time.  Stores and pharmacies gave little or no choice in products and there was no personal connection with her fitters.  A personal connection is important to someone going through such a personal experience.  Women want their fitter to care – hence our name, Because We Care.  That’s what we stand for!

Most women have the concern that they may not find something that suits them, that the fit may not be right, or they feel concerned that their surgery may not be obvious to everyone. We take the time to answer as many questions as you want to ask. Our expert fitting, from a range of luxury and practical bras, can make all the difference to the way you feel during your recovery.


We treat every client as a friend, sister, mother, grandmother, aunt or a daughter. We want to earn your trust and will offer you only the best medically gradable mastectomy products available so that you grow to love our service. We want you to feel happy, healthy, and beautiful.


When you phone to make your appointment we will ask you various questions:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Care Card Number
  • Side of Mastectomy Right/Left
  • Bra Size
  • Lifestyle (Are you an active runner/golfer/swimmer/walker – we want to choose the right products for your activities)

When we arrive (In home fittings) we will do our best to have as many breast forms and bras with us for you to try on.  We encourage you to have a friend, daughter or spouse with you for your comfort. We will measure your bra size and breast form size in order to choose the breast form best suited to you!

In store fittings are by appointment, our fitting room is located at 20700 56th ave in Langley in THE HOUSE OF MISS ROSE. Miss Rose is a wig and hair piece expert, if you are in need of a wig Rose can help!  Please call before you come, we would hate to miss you!  604-328-7104

Once we agree on the proper breast form size, you get to choose your bras and swimsuits.  One of the best things about our fittings is  that you can try on your own clothing with our bras to make sure that they work with your wardrobe!  Mastectomy bras do tend to be cut different than non-mastectomy bras. We will ask you to pull out your bras and swimsuits so we can see the styles that you like. If you have new bras we would be happy to have pockets sewn into them for you!

Call us now to book your appointment: 604.328.7104.  For in store fittings – 20700 56th ave Langley B.C. Located in “The House Of Miss Rose” In store fittings are by appointment, so please call ahead.